IMG_5676IMG_5660IMG_5651IMG_5667IMG_5637-2The theme I chose for the EOCA was “moment” I chose this because every image is a moment in time. It is a moment captured forever. These pictures I took throughout the weekend. I went downtown and took lots of portraits and liked how they had turned out. It was very sunny over the weekend which means harsh lighting so I tried to stay in more shady areas. I got the exposure right for the background and used my lighting kit to light up the subject. I think these pictures turned out a lot better than I had expected. In Photoshop I got rid of blemishes and Tyler’s coldsore. In Lightroom I brought the whites down because It was very bright that day I also adjusted the colors a little.

This is my inspiration:

These are my eight best pictures I have taken all year. These are all photos that impressed me. I took them a while back in January on a nice day on Tubbs. I edited hem all in Lightroom and really like how they turned out. I think they are unique. They are pictures people haven’t captured before. The water was extremely low that day and it was cloudy so the lighting was soft and in my favor.


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