Thanksgiving Break

0a3d1b29-f9ab-4398-9889-9c0cbef2d8ae-edit-2This picture I took downtown by the lake. In photoshop using the brush tool I got rid of the extra marks I didn’t want and added more Lights in blank areas.1bce1d0c-6e20-45c6-91de-b1de3cd499c1This picture I took of a couple downtown. I edited it a little in photoshop.2a237df3-55bb-4ff7-bd64-f0a7caca0c0eI took this picture from dockside I used manual focus to blur it out and create a bokeh effect2d6db846-7ae6-4688-8da2-df56142e6526This picture was my favorite.3be175a2-cce3-4841-a1cc-99e1cfa3ea62Another picture of the couple.5d78f860-7df2-47fa-8465-c5472857c8939b6fe889-075a-4ead-99a9-27b3a83d4a59I took this picture from the boardwalk I am happy with how they turned out.581c8bad-9956-4c0e-8f48-5eba585b16edI took this picture and added more saturation to it.247284d6-a466-4994-8b10-5f98e37822e1b15a50f8-670e-4aea-9a4b-8a894b43205eI like this picture it has good leading lines. I edited it a little in Lightroombf35210f-7804-4d2e-a473-6151732ea77eThis is a picture of my gooey at dockside.cbbff884-a8b0-4897-8f87-e927348befcdThese pictures I took downtown I am really pleased with how they turned out. I had a lot of fun with this assignment I like free choice assignments. I worked most of the break so i only got a few photos but this is what I got.


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