EOCA (Family)

img_9750This is my location portrait I am really happy with how it turned out. This is a picture of my cousin.img_9715This is a picture of my sister and her boyfriend. This turned out so nicely I love taking pictures in the winter setting.img_9707Another closeup of the two this one more serious.img_9693I liked how the road looked in this picture so I told them to stand there and I’m very happy with it.img_9683Heres a picture I posed I really like it.img_9681Another picture I posed.img_9673img_9795This I took of my cousin downtown I thought it was a nice portrait.img_9756I stood very far away for this picture and zoomed in and I really like how it turned out.img_8953Here is my business portrait I used three lights total. I used one behind her one on the left side of her and one on the right side to make it soft and even.

This is my final, Im really happy with how they all turned out. I edited them in Lightroom to fix the lighting and then in Photoshop I used the spot removal tool to get rid of blemishes. After that i fixed any other errors.


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