I really enjoyed this assignment. I enjoyed the idea of pulling cards and picking the one you like the most for your assignment. The card I pulled was “take pictures of your room.” I liked playing around with my lighting kit in my room and taking pictures from different angles. I edited all the pictures in Lightroom adjusting the colors. For inspiration I went to THIS SITE.img_9484My pillowsimg_9493I liked this picture of my lamp.img_9498I took a picture of my aloe plant.img_9499img_9500A macro of my cactusimg_9505img_9512Different anglesimg_9518img_9519img_9538img_9563My christmas lights.


Thanksgiving Break

0a3d1b29-f9ab-4398-9889-9c0cbef2d8ae-edit-2This picture I took downtown by the lake. In photoshop using the brush tool I got rid of the extra marks I didn’t want and added more Lights in blank areas.1bce1d0c-6e20-45c6-91de-b1de3cd499c1This picture I took of a couple downtown. I edited it a little in photoshop.2a237df3-55bb-4ff7-bd64-f0a7caca0c0eI took this picture from dockside I used manual focus to blur it out and create a bokeh effect2d6db846-7ae6-4688-8da2-df56142e6526This picture was my favorite.3be175a2-cce3-4841-a1cc-99e1cfa3ea62Another picture of the couple.5d78f860-7df2-47fa-8465-c5472857c8939b6fe889-075a-4ead-99a9-27b3a83d4a59I took this picture from the boardwalk I am happy with how they turned out.581c8bad-9956-4c0e-8f48-5eba585b16edI took this picture and added more saturation to it.247284d6-a466-4994-8b10-5f98e37822e1b15a50f8-670e-4aea-9a4b-8a894b43205eI like this picture it has good leading lines. I edited it a little in Lightroombf35210f-7804-4d2e-a473-6151732ea77eThis is a picture of my gooey at dockside.cbbff884-a8b0-4897-8f87-e927348befcdThese pictures I took downtown I am really pleased with how they turned out. I had a lot of fun with this assignment I like free choice assignments. I worked most of the break so i only got a few photos but this is what I got.

One Light

img_6995img_6996img_6999img_7000img_7001img_7002img_7003img_7004img_7005img_7007img_7010copyimg_7012-copyimg_6994img_7009For these pictures I only used one light to expose this. For the first five I used the big umbrella light and for last couple I used the softbox. I found that the softbox produced more soft light. I had alot of fun with this assignment and figuring out how to make the light softer or move it according to the mood of the photo. For this assinment I looked at this site and learned alot from it.




IMG_5676IMG_5660IMG_5651IMG_5667IMG_5637-2The theme I chose for the EOCA was “moment” I chose this because every image is a moment in time. It is a moment captured forever. These pictures I took throughout the weekend. I went downtown and took lots of portraits and liked how they had turned out. It was very sunny over the weekend which means harsh lighting so I tried to stay in more shady areas. I got the exposure right for the background and used my lighting kit to light up the subject. I think these pictures turned out a lot better than I had expected. In Photoshop I got rid of blemishes and Tyler’s coldsore. In Lightroom I brought the whites down because It was very bright that day I also adjusted the colors a little.

This is my inspiration:

These are my eight best pictures I have taken all year. These are all photos that impressed me. I took them a while back in January on a nice day on Tubbs. I edited hem all in Lightroom and really like how they turned out. I think they are unique. They are pictures people haven’t captured before. The water was extremely low that day and it was cloudy so the lighting was soft and in my favor.

Flash vs no flash



For these photos me and my sister went to Tubbs Hill to take pictures. I used my flash and just hooked it to the top. It made a huge difference in the quality of the images. If i did it again I would underexpose them more and use a less powerful flash so they wouldn’t be so blown out and i wouldn’t have to adjust in Lightroom.

When to Use Flash