HDR Portraits

img_8607_tonemapped-copyThis picture I like the most.img_8628_painterly-copyThis picture is very saturated.img_8654_tonemapped-copyThis picture turned out nice, it doesn’t look overdone.img_9041_tonemapped-copyI tried adding a shadow to this one but I don’t like how it looks.img_9114_tonemapped-copyThis picture is kind of blurry, I don’t like it.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, I took these pictures and used Photomatix to make them HDR. Then I took pictures of people and made cutouts. I put the cut out on the pictures and tried to make them all match. I am not very happy with how they turned out, HDR isn’t my favorite look but I learned how to do it and had fun along the way with this assignment. I went to THIS SITE for inspiration.