EOCA (Family)

img_9750This is my location portrait I am really happy with how it turned out. This is a picture of my cousin.img_9715This is a picture of my sister and her boyfriend. This turned out so nicely I love taking pictures in the winter setting.img_9707Another closeup of the two this one more serious.img_9693I liked how the road looked in this picture so I told them to stand there and I’m very happy with it.img_9683Heres a picture I posed I really like it.img_9681Another picture I posed.img_9673img_9795This I took of my cousin downtown I thought it was a nice portrait.img_9756I stood very far away for this picture and zoomed in and I really like how it turned out.img_8953Here is my business portrait I used three lights total. I used one behind her one on the left side of her and one on the right side to make it soft and even.

This is my final, Im really happy with how they all turned out. I edited them in Lightroom to fix the lighting and then in Photoshop I used the spot removal tool to get rid of blemishes. After that i fixed any other errors.



Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThis picture was taken at a waterfall near the Canadian border in the summer. I really like how the water looks due to the long exposure. I also think all the colors go with each other but also have contrast.img_39781I took this after breakfast at Central foods, we went on a walk on the trail and I thought this one turned out cool. I like the haze on the photo from the intense sun and smoke in the air from the fires.img_39801This picture I took over summer in Spokane. I really like how the graffiti is in focus and the city is out of focus. I think It turned out nice.img_9636I like this picture because I like how it is kind of leading lines. I also really like the mood of the picture. I added a pop of color and I really like it.img_4917-2I took this picture last year and I really like how the rocky shore meets the calm water. The colors in the picture are also very soothing.img_5009-2I also took this picture last year as well and really like the contrast in the picture I like how it turned out.img_8486This picture I took over the summer with my old camera so the quality isn’t the greatest but its still a very good picture. I got the privilege of flying to the San Juan islands in my friends plane the views were incredible.img_9631This picture I took with my friend Kenzie in Spokane, we saw a cool alley and decided to take pictures there. I think the picture looks like an adidas ad or something.

I really enjoy all of these picture which is why I chose them for my portfolio

HDR Portraits

img_8607_tonemapped-copyThis picture I like the most.img_8628_painterly-copyThis picture is very saturated.img_8654_tonemapped-copyThis picture turned out nice, it doesn’t look overdone.img_9041_tonemapped-copyI tried adding a shadow to this one but I don’t like how it looks.img_9114_tonemapped-copyThis picture is kind of blurry, I don’t like it.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, I took these pictures and used Photomatix to make them HDR. Then I took pictures of people and made cutouts. I put the cut out on the pictures and tried to make them all match. I am not very happy with how they turned out, HDR isn’t my favorite look but I learned how to do it and had fun along the way with this assignment. I went to THIS SITE for inspiration.


Over the summer I visited all of these places. I took these throughout the entire summer and had a lot of fun with it. These pictures are taken from off my phone so the quality isn’t the best, but I’m still impressed with how they turned out.  I took a ton of pictures over the summer and think I improved a ton.




IMG_5676IMG_5660IMG_5651IMG_5667IMG_5637-2The theme I chose for the EOCA was “moment” I chose this because every image is a moment in time. It is a moment captured forever. These pictures I took throughout the weekend. I went downtown and took lots of portraits and liked how they had turned out. It was very sunny over the weekend which means harsh lighting so I tried to stay in more shady areas. I got the exposure right for the background and used my lighting kit to light up the subject. I think these pictures turned out a lot better than I had expected. In Photoshop I got rid of blemishes and Tyler’s coldsore. In Lightroom I brought the whites down because It was very bright that day I also adjusted the colors a little.

This is my inspiration: http://www.adorama.com/alc/0013699/article/11-Tips-for-Dynamic-Portrait-Photography-in-the-City

These are my eight best pictures I have taken all year. These are all photos that impressed me. I took them a while back in January on a nice day on Tubbs. I edited hem all in Lightroom and really like how they turned out. I think they are unique. They are pictures people haven’t captured before. The water was extremely low that day and it was cloudy so the lighting was soft and in my favor.

Flash vs no flash



For these photos me and my sister went to Tubbs Hill to take pictures. I used my flash and just hooked it to the top. It made a huge difference in the quality of the images. If i did it again I would underexpose them more and use a less powerful flash so they wouldn’t be so blown out and i wouldn’t have to adjust in Lightroom.

When to Use Flash